Museum and exhibition center "Fashion Museum" invites to the Days of historical and cultural heritage and citywide action "night at the Museum 2019"!

12:00 waiting for you at the opening of the exhibition "Young couturier 2019", in which you'll be able to see the design work of novice designers, schools, children's theaters fashion, professional education institutions and universities of Moscow and other Russian cities.

For the first time in the competition involved representatives from different regions of our country, and the exhibition will be presented not only individual images but also the student in the collection students, as well as fashion photography, sketches, collections and fashion collages. Visitors to the Fashion Museum on may 18 can participate in voting and to choose the most interesting and creative way, presented at the exhibition.

The competitive exhibition will be open from 18 to 24 may at the Museum of Fashion in Gostini Dvor. 24 may will be a gala show and award winners.

At 14:00 will be a traditional tour of the Gum of the chief of the exhibition Department, the semiotics of fashion Polina Uhanova "Trends of spring and summer of 2019".

Spring is a time of experimentation and renewal, in the spring and summer season we can most clearly and boldly to play with fashion trends, to match color and prints and try on new images. Talk about the trendiest colors and silhouettes of the spring and summer of 2019, about which jewelry is worn and what is the investment in clothes. Go through the most famous and important fashion houses presented in the Main Department store of Moscow, and learn to "read" trends on storefronts.

The number of tour participants is limited, we recommend you to book in advance. Meet at 1st entrance to Gostiny Dvor at 14:00. The tour lasts 60 minutes.

Participation fee: 400 RUB. to Sign up for a tour by sending an email with the theme "Tour of trends".

At 15:30 you will be able to participate in a master class in the art of collage "Young designer", during which participants will review the rules of making a collage, learn about the history of its origin, and will be able to feel like fashion designers and create original work.

Collage is one of the most popular and promising directions in contemporary art and art practices, which allows not only to artists but to anyone willing to learn and experiment with colors, shapes and themes, gaining new, interesting and often unexpected results.

The master class will be held Vasilisa Baklashova, head of the areas of fashion and design "National of the Commonwealth of experts of the beauty industry, performing arts, fashion and design", artist, designer women's clothing and accessories.

Participation fee: 350 RUB. you can Sign up by sending an email to us at mail with the theme "Master class designer".

At 17:00 we invite you on a mini-tour of the new premises of the Fashion Museum. At the end of 2018, the Fashion Museum moved to new premises decorated in modern style. In the fall of 2019 they will open the exhibition, and we invite everyone to walk the new halls of the Fashion Museum along with the Museum's scientific officer. You will be able to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the former Bank of the Ryabushinsky, who was once in the arcade, take pictures on the beautiful staircase and see the normally closed to visitors of the Museum. Participation in the excursion is free, but places are limited, so please sign up for the event in advance.

The tour will be Yulia Malygina - master of Museology, PhD student of Russian state humanitarian University, scientific employee of the Museum of Fashion.

The program "Night at the Museum 2019" at the Museum of Fashion will begin at 18:00 a tour of the competition exhibition "Young designer". During the tour through the exhibition the audience will have the unique opportunity to meet several authors of the costumes that will talk about the idea of creating images, sources of inspiration and new design solutions for the presented models.

Participation in the excursion is free, but places are limited. Please sign up in advance by mail marked "free tour designer".

At 19:00 will be held a master class "Fashion collage" during which participants will review the rules of making a collage, learn about the history of its origin and will also create their own original work. Will hold a master class researcher of the Museum of Fashion Michael Comarca.

20:30 you can listen to the lecture "Crinoline train: fashion and technological progress" which guides the researcher of the Fashion Museum, the author of the series "Ugly fashion", Museolog Anastasia Komarovskaya.

Attendees will learn: whether fashion is part of the technical progress; why the fascination with the awkward designs such as the corset, the crinoline and the bustle had at the peak of development of public transport; who, what, how and where trading in Moscow of the XIX century. Admission is free.

At 21:30 as part of a citywide action "Night at the Museum" at the Museum of Fashion will take place the concert "Music of love" — sing Oksana Fedorova, the famous tenor Dmitri Galichin, is a violinist and artistic Director of "ART-COLLAGE" Paul Soldiers and pianist George Winkies.

The concert will take place on the eve of the official presentation of the video "a love Story", which will premiere may 23 at the press-centre AIF.

All visitors will hear famous, favourite tunes and ballads, such as "White acacia", Bessame mucho, Mamba Italiano, and many others.

Information by phone: +7 499 270-42-61 or email: