Every woman dreams of a happy life, which harmoniously combines family, love and self-realization. However, the majority of women from low-income families, who often live in conditions of shortage of time and money, forget about yourself, putting aside your plans and dreams for "later". In the framework of the grant "Moscow – Good city" of the Department of labour and social protection of population of Moscow Fund "Hasten to do good!" has developed the project, which is aimed at a multidisciplinary intellectual assistance to women who are willing to grow and change your lifestyle for the better.

As noted by the founder of the charity "Hurry to do good!", TV presenter, Miss universe Oksana Fedorova: "the Social project "I'm different" is an opportunity for women from low-income families to gain knowledge from the field of psychology, fashion and style, health and beauty, from top-level professionals that will help you to realise your potential and self-realization in professional and social sphere". The project is built on the principle of hands-on training modules with lectures, master classes and seminars from expert speakers and celebrity mentors from among psychologists, stylists, artists and public figures, which is available in a convenient form, give the participants useful knowledge in 3 key themes: beauty, psychology and health. An important component of the project is to work with psychologists to develop skills to manage stress, developing skills of psychological protection against aggressors, as well as the development of self-confidence, ability to hear their children, partners, colleagues, opponents. Main consultant of the project is a well-known psychologist, media expert, business coach anetta Orlova, under the theme of health, the main expert of the project is a ballet dancer and leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Kristina Kretova and lessons in style and beauty will represent Oksana Fedorova. The project is planned the participation of at least 100 women, registration for participation in the project is open on the page:, groups of participants are formed monthly during the period from July to October 2020. The project participants are the mode of the "reset" - get the skills that will help them to believe in themselves, to formulate life goals, to become more confident and happy in the future to increase the level of income. On the basis of the project the Fund will develop Practical recommendations for the authorities of Moscow on the development and implementation of social programs to support women from low-income families. Project partners: international exhibition center "fashion Museum", state "My career" Media partners:, Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Children's issue.Russia, radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda",, Children's radio and БМ24. Official website of the project: Press-service BF "Hasten to do good!" Ksenia Borisova,, 8 – 915-328-6813 Information about BF "Hasten to do good!" The charitable Foundation was established in 2009, the well-known TV presenter, Miss universe Oksana Fedorova in order to create and promote cultural and educational programs and projects aimed at support and promotion of family values, Patriotic and sports training, and the provision of targeted assistance to children with complex diseases. Fund program: "Culture and education", "Be in shape" "I want to help." The Fund is located in Moscow, has branches and offices.