Fedorova Oksana Gennadevna was born on December 17, 1977 in the city of Pskov. Oksana's father, Fedorov Gennady Vasilievich, worked as a leading design engineer at the aircraft instrument factory in Pskov. Oksana’s mother, Elena Fedorova, worked as a nurse in a hospital, often disappeared on duty.

On the one hand, the ancestors of Oksana were from a noble family, and on the other, from wealthy peasants.

Oksana's great-great-grandmother was from a noble family, her name was Anna. Before the revolution of 1917, Anna lived in St. Petersburg. Oksana’s great-grandfather, Mikhail Grigoryevich Vasiliev, worked at the Izhora plant before the war. During the war of 1941-1945, he formed the Izhora battalion, which defended the Pulkovo Heights, for which he was awarded the Order of Lenin. After the war, Mikhail Grigorievich was transferred to Pskov with the appointment of the chief of the Pskov police. For services to the city, the executive committee awarded Mikhail Grigoryevich the title of “Honorary Citizen of the city of Pskov.”

Oksana’s grandfather, Aleksey Trofimovich Kulikov, served in the art regiment in the famous Pskov division, first he commanded a platoon, then he was an instructor in parachute jumping. Alexei Trofimovich completed his service as deputy military commissar of the district military enlistment office.


In 1985-1995. Oksana is studying at Pskov secondary school No. 8, is engaged in sports and amateur performances, is the captain of the KVN team, plays for the school’s volleyball team, becomes the champion of city competitions, and studies at the music school in the guitar class. Since childhood, Oksana dreams of becoming a famous model or actress. At school, Oksana stands out for its external tidiness, excellent academic performance and social activity.

Police career

A police career began at Oksana from the bottom. At the school where she studied, a police legal lyceum was formed on the basis of high school. Oksana, as a successful student, was taken there to study without exams. The instruction of her heroic grandfather also affected. Alexei Trofimovich really wanted someone in his family to continue the tradition of serving the Fatherland.

In 1995-1997. Oksana is studying at the Pskov Special Secondary Police School (now the Pskov Law Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service).

Oksana Fedorova graduated from the police school with honors, received the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to work as an investigator in one of the police departments of the city of Pskov.

In 1997-2000 Oksana - student of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (former Leningrad Higher Political School of the Internal Troops and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR). During her studies, Oksana does not leave the desire to become a model. Once she was offered to enroll in a model school. After some thought, Oksana agrees. From this moment, the police lieutenant Oksana Fedorova begins the path to the title of the most beautiful girl in the Universe.

At the casting of "Miss St. Petersburg 1999" her friend brings. Having passed the selection, Oksana goes to the final of the competition and calmly wins it. The head of the university was sympathetic to the achievements of Oksana and subsequently supported her creative innovations.

Oksana graduates from the higher educational institution of police with a gold medal in the rank of senior lieutenant. After university, she worked for several months as an investigator of the linear department of internal affairs at Pulkovo Airport. In 2001, Oksana returned to the university, enrolled in postgraduate studies. She is preparing a dissertation on the topic "Civil regulation of private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation." In parallel with her studies, Oksana teaches civil law to university students.

In the same year, Oksana participates in the Miss Russia 2001 competition as Miss St. Petersburg and wins.

In 2007, due to the inability to combine service in law enforcement agencies with television work, Oksana retired to the reserve with the rank of police major.

Miss Universe Competition

In 2002, Oksana became the winner of the 51st Miss Universe contest in Puerto Rico. Later, at a press conference, Oksana will say that she is happy mainly because for the first time Russia won the competition.

But what happened later surprised the whole world. For the first time in the history of the existence of the contest, the current Miss Universe renounces the title. Oksana returns the precious crown with all the honors and advertising contracts. She goes to St. Petersburg to defend her dissertation and finish her studies in postgraduate studies. The contract with Oksana Fedorova was terminated. The title of Miss Universe automatically passed to Justina Pasek from Panama.

Oksana Fedorova returned to Russia with the rank of police captain. She successfully became a candidate of law, and continued to teach at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was already working on her doctoral dissertation. But the victory at the most prestigious beauty contest and the events that followed her could not but affect her life.

Work on TV

In 2002, Oksana accepted the VGTRK proposal to become the leading popular children's television program. “Good night, kids!” . Oksana was also a host of programs«Субботник», "Saturday evening" on Russian television. In 2003-2004 the leading Russian version of the television game «Fort Boyard» paired with Leonid Yarmolnik. Starred in the television series «Do not be born beautiful» and feature film «Sophie», and also voiced characters in animated films «Феи» (США, 2008), «Cunning jack» (2009) and "History of toys. Big Escape " (2010).

Community Activities

In 2003, Oksana became a candidate for deputy of the State Duma of the federal list of the Life Party (now Fair Russia). In 2003-2006, Oksana took part in the work of the All-Russian youth public movement "Energy of Life". At the same time, she collaborated with Vneshtorgbank in the long-term charity project World Without Tears.

Since 2015 - Member of the Board of Trustees of the Children's City Clinical Hospital named after BEHIND. Bashlyaeva and the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. Dima Rogachev.


Oksana is always in a state of creative search and is trying her hand at cinema, journalism, literature. In 2008 she made her debut as a writer. In the fall of that year, Eksmo Publishing House released Oksana Fedorova's first book, Formula of Style: tips and tricks on beauty and style. The book also contains autobiographical inserts and photographs from Oksana's personal archive. She recorded some music videos «One step» (2010), «It's all because of you» (2011), «My doctrine» (2012), “Rights of Love”, in 2013 released its first music album “On the edge of love” . Oksana’s voice can be heard on the radio, in feature films and animated films.

Since 2010 is the chief editor of the magazine «ModaTopical».

In 2014 she made her debut as a designer, her first collection of clothes under the brand was published OFERA by Oksana Fedorova.

From 2015 to 2018 was President of the Children's Arts Festival Kinotavrik.

From March 2017

  • member of the Union of Writers of Russia
  • member of the International Union of Musical Figures
  • Goodwill Ambassador of the Moscow Volunteer Association Mosvolonter
  • директор IEC "Fashion Museum"


The path to charity began for Oksana in 2002 - as a "Miss Universe" she visited Kenya, Indonesia, Canada, where there were meetings in hospitals, hospices, orphanages and with volunteers, and with those whom they help.

In 2005 , Oksana Fedorova is the High Council of the Russian Club of Orthodox patrons of arts and is one of the initiators and an active participant in the revival of the tradition of dimensional icons, the holder of the Order for Good Deeds, 1st degree.

In 2006, cooperation began with UNICEF - the United Nations Children's Fund - as Ambassador of Goodwill, Oksana visited more than 20 countries in Asia and Africa to popularize modern health standards. In 2007-2009, Oksana took part in the One-to-One Amway-UNICEF program for inclusive education. The aim of the program is the widespread introduction in Russia of joint education of children with disabilities with their peers in ordinary schools.

In 2009 , Oksana created her own charity fund for helping children, youth and the elderly “Hurry up to do good!”. The name of the fund reflects the rule of life of those active, socially responsible people who understand: who does not hurry to do good, he will not do it. The mission of the fund is to create and promote cultural and educational programs and projects aimed at supporting and popularizing family values, patriotic and sports education, as well as providing targeted assistance to people in difficult life situations.

In 2012 Oksana Fedorova became the laureate of the BIAF international award for contribution to charity (Lebanon, Beirut), and a month later she organized a charity concert in the Kremlin “On a birthday with love”, which guests were more than 5 thousand people, of which more than 3 thousand children from large and low-income families, as well as orphans and children with disabilities.

In 2013, the program Between Us Girls was launched in the format of the Festival, aimed at developing a culture of motherhood and family values ​​among pupils of orphanages. And in 2014, a project was launched under the Bright Days program - the Blagovest Orthodox camp, which provides recreation on the Black Sea for children from low-income families.

In 2015 - in honor of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, 2 large-scale projects were launched at once: “Women - Knights of the Order of Glory”, dedicated to women-heroes of the Second World War, and also the project “Little Heroes Big war "- the publication of the first book about children who showed courage in defending their homeland from the Nazis.

In 2017, the fund became one of the winners of the Presidential Grants contest with the project “Little Heroes of the Great War”: as part of the grant in 2018, the first All-Russian online lesson of courage, the All-Russian creative contest “Thanks to the little hero”, in which participated more than 3.5 schoolchildren from all over Russia, and more than 100 schools planted commemorative Alleys in honor of hero children.

The charity festival “Between us, girls” became the winner of the Subsidy Contest of the Moscow City Public Relations Committee, as part of a grant in September 2018, 150 girls from their capital’s orphanages took part in the festival.

Every year, the Oksana Fedorova Foundation provides targeted medical assistance to children with complex medical diagnoses, pays for treatment and rehabilitation. And in the framework of the program "Culture and Education" in conjunction with the National Culture Support Fund. Tchaikovsky Oksana Fedorova is a co-organizer of the competition-festival for composers Tchaikovsky-Heritage.


Oksana is married and has two children. In 2012, the son of Fedor was born, and a year later - daughter Elizabeth. She admits that today she feels happier than ever: "I always dreamed of a big friendly family and a cozy house."


"Good night, kids!"

The victory at the most prestigious beauty contest of the world and the events that followed it could not but affect the life of Oksana Fedorova. In 2002, she accepted the offer of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company to become the leading popular children's most famous children's program "Good night, kids!" , which, by the way, has been broadcast for over 50 years.

Over the years, the characters and artists of the program regularly come to concerts in different cities of Russia, take part in city and regional events, give performances and conduct charity events for young patients of hospitals and children's clinics. The heroes of the program have already visited dozens of cities in our country, including Grozny and Beslan. In 1997, 2002 and 2003, Good Night, Kids! Was awarded the TEFI Prize for Best Children's Program.

Fort Boyard

From 2003 to 2005, Oksana Fedorova was a co-host of the famous international television gameFort Boyard . For three consecutive years (2002-2005) teams from Russia: athletes, actors, singers, TV hosts went to Fort Boyard to storm the impregnable walls of the famous French fortress off the Atlantic coast. By the way, the Russian implementation of the French television game format is recognized as one of the most successful.


From 2004 to 2010, Oksana led the program "Subbotnik" . The idea to create such a program came to the leadership of the channel "Russia" - Anton Zlatopolsky and Sergei Shumakov. According to the idea of ​​the producers, in the first releases of the program, ordinary Muscovites became the heroes. After some time, the program format has changed. Her characters are now famous people, and they act exclusively in family roles - caring parents, loving children, attentive brothers and sisters, and maybe touching grandparents.

Dancing with the Stars

In 2006, she tried her hand at the show "Dancing with the Stars" . Today Oksana Fedorova holds events at the most prestigious venues in Moscow, performs at fashion shows in Russia and abroad, and appears in advertisements for famous brands.

Saturday night

In 2009 - 2012 Oksana Fedorova was the co-host of the music and entertainment program Saturday Night . The program is released every Saturday on the Rossiya television channel. This show is watched and loved by many stars of show business and ordinary viewers of the channel. “Saturday Night” is not only musical numbers performed by your favorite artists, but also the premieres of humorous numbers and sketches on topical themes of the past week.


Oksana is always in a state of creative search and is trying her hand at cinema, journalism, literature. In 2006, Oksana starred in the television series “Don't Be Born Beautiful” . In 2007, she played a major role in the filmSophie . Oksana’s voice can be heard on the radio, in feature films and animated films, and her performances and comments on the most pressing issues find a lively response in the media.